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-          Love You Only by TOKIO

-          Everytime (Yume no Kakera) by Kanjani8 and KAT-TUN

-          Johnny’s Pimp Post (read as all..yes ALL of Johnny’s, even about the i-never-though-they-are-exist Johnny’s girl group!!)

this is my first 'actual' post on LJ. didn't know that writing and linking here there can be this fun ^_^



I did it!

Just like i planned it before, yesterday i go on a short trip
i prepare the lunch box, i bring my camera, and feel very happy

i choose the city forest, because i think it will help me relax

but, after arrived there for only a while, unexpected thing happen
suddenly, heavy rain came (seriously, no sign at all!)
and to make it worst, i don't bring umbrella (why don't i bring one?)
and..and as expected on a city forest, it's a forest!!
so, when i got to the nearest building, i was already soaked with the rain
it's sooooo cold!!
and i was stuck there for a few hours until the rain stop, and i already dry

the result is clear,
here i am at my bed, having fever

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Currently, i'm in the mood to go to somewhere
maybe some short trip..
to add the excitement, i will do it spontanly,
i think i'll go tomorrow, alone, and will decide the place to go later today,
i'll bring some food and find place to picnic
definitely take some photograph, maybe...make some icon when i get back.

hm.. sounds okay..
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de ja vu?

in this week i think i experienced several de ja vu. i curious, what is the meaning of de ja vu? is it a sign or something, because it happen quite often lately.

or maybe my life just too routine so i started imagine things? maybe because of i do everything in a same way, so the reaction from the environment is also the same?

the only meaning i remember is from the matrix.

First Post

As the subject,
this is my firs post!!

i'm very excited right now
gonna customize it soon...

see ya!

it's not gonna be i or me or my anymore
because my friend decide to join

-edit again-
so from now it's going to be twent & svn
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